Unique Type Prescription™ Cards from Type & Temperament, Inc

Type Prescriptions CoverThis site is all about Type & Temperamen’s handy pocket-size “Type Prescription™” cards. Handy fit-in-your pocket cards that give you helpful suggestions of things you can do every day to improve your life. And promote better understanding of relationships.

There’s one for each of the 8 “letters” of  Psychological Type: E,I,S,N,T,F,J, & P— or  Prescriptions for Extraverts, for Introverts, for Sensors, for iNtuitives, for Thinkers, for Feelers, for Judgers, and for Perceivers.

Practical hints and prescriptions translate Type theory into useful day-to-day action!

They’re designed to fit conveniently into a shirt pocket so you can carry them around with you and work on your self-improvement in a personalized way. When I first gave a set of these cards to my older son (then a teenager), he riffed through them, pulled out the 4 cards for his personality  Type, put those in his pocket, and dropped the other 4 cards (not his Type, i.e., his less-preferred functions) on the table. Obviously he went for the “Know Thyself” aspect first, or maybe I should say “Improve Thyself.” (After you know yourself.)

Actually, when you’ve got  the suggestions for your own 4 “letters” down cold, the other cards can be very helpful in understanding other people who are NOT like you. (MOST of the world will differ from you in some aspects of Type, so that’s a powerful tool.)

Ben Franklin & You    The cards remind me of Benjamin Franklin’s famous self-improvement cards that he carried around, with aspects of himself  he wanted to improve. He worked on one card a week, good habits he was working on developing. Like thrift, listening to others, being helpful. All good stuff, but yours will be personalized by you for your own Psychological Type, so you can be one up on Ben!

Hey, Ben started (among other things) the first Fire Department in America, first Public Library, first Hospital, was a co-author and signer of the US Constitution,was an incredible diplomat, and discovered electricity with a kite and a key in his spare time.

When I developed these cards, I used them to help make me a better ME (something certain people had suggested was much needed, but we won’t go there today).

Just think what the NEW YOU can do when you’re empowered with all this great Type knowledge!

Now you can become an even better YOU!

Here’s to the new you!

(the Original) Bill Murray

PS— How to Order—If we haven’t got the opt-in box on this site yet, you can order your own set of Type Prescriptions™ by emailing us at:


or calling Toll-Free our well-known 1-(800)IHS-TYPE (overseas or locally, 1(843) 406-9113). Please provide your name, shipping address, VISA or MasterCard info, and your phone so we can reach you if there’s any question with your order.

PPS— NEW—  We’re also getting the Type Prescriptions™ on Audio CD so you can listen to them in your car, on your computer, or your iPod or MP3 player. Coming Soon!

Type Prescription Pocket Cards

This is the site for the Type Prescription™ cards from Type & Temperament, Inc. They’re handy pocket cards—a practical guide that promotes better understanding of relationships.

Used by trainers, individuals, couples, churches, and major corporations.

More later!

(the Original) Bill Murray